Keep CA water in CA

While industry leaders will bottle from CA water resources and send water out of state, QuenchCali water is only sold in CA.

Refreshing Electrolyte Water

Our electrolyte enhanced ultra purified water is a healthier option from filter purified water

Keep California Water in California

With our bottled water only being sold in California, once can now make consumer choice that doesn't add to our drought

BPA-Free bottling

EcoFriendly BPA~free recycled plastic keeps our bottled water footprint as low as possible


With Quench Poverty water delivery


Check one thing off the to-do list and share a premium healthy brevage option that supports a human cause a your next event.


Boot employee health and happiness with 501(c) compilant tax write-off that goes to ensuring water remains not only stocked in your breakroom but also a human right.


After we distribute our first pallet, we will run our first distribution campaign in the Bay Area, where we will hand out water to the homeless.


Ensure water remains a human right by enjoying crisp refreshing electrolyte enhanced water delivered staight to your doorstep.