Why We Exist

California is currently in the middle of a state-wide water contamination crisis.

Current Problem

  1. In February 2019 , Gavin Newsom confirmed that 1M+ Californians don't have access to water, verfied by politifact
  2. In April 2019, CNN stated that the causes of 15k cancer cases could be traced to chemicals in our tap water
  3. In May 2019, SFist reported that 1.5M in the central valley are without clean water
  4. In October 2019, LA Times reported that CA found widespread contamination of chemicals.
These problems seem to stem primarily from farming runoff. Check if your county has an issue here.
Facing these problems?

The Solution

  1. Spread awareness with fundraiser festivals and walks
  2. Purchase wholesale or accept donations of filtration systems
  3. Ship filtration systems to those at or below the poverty line in affected counties
  4. Provide a bottled water offering that recycles funds into this poverty fund and keeps CA water in CA

Align as

a sponsor

Uniting small businesses and people through water sales that directly correlate to local poverty relief

Align as an


Celebrate our blessings and pay it forward by raising money through a water walks, music, and food