Our Goals

Scaling a water bottle purchase to societal-scale impact.

Current Scale of Goals

  1. Create the first Water Walk Festival on World Water Day in 2020
  2. Keep CA-bottled water in CA and help CA homeless with QuenchCali campaign
  3. Recycle bottled water profits into water relief fund
  4. Partner with activist groups with 100% transparency about dollars to impact
  5. Scale fundraiser water walks and festivals across the USA
  6. Provide a report to every contributor of the impact their efforts created
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Future Goals

  1. Create our own NSF certified purification technology
  2. Establish international distribution channels
  3. Automated system of crisis identification and mitigation
  4. Lobby free water quality research
  5. Ensure clean water access remains a societal right
  6. Improve chances of species survival

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a sponsor

Uniting small businesses and people through water sales that directly correlate to local poverty relief

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Celebrate our blessings and pay it forward by raising money through a water walks, music, and food